15 JUNE 2009 7–8 PM
Lecture: Liza Fior

A lecture with Liza Fior, architect and co-founder of the London based art and architecture practice muf.

Participants: Liza Fior / muf
Moderator: Ramia Mazé
Venue: Marabouparken Auditorium, Allén 9, Sundbyberg
Language: English
Free admission

Everyday places are sites in which diverse needs, desires, and interests intersect. Beyond negotiating and building a spatial program, architects, artists, and designers shape a program of rich social relations that take place and evolve. As we intervene into the built and natural environment, we engage with intimate (his)stories, community life, and cultural identities.

How can diverse desires – or desire for diversity – inform architecture and design? What are ways for exploring and negotiating multiple and even conflicting interests? Can architecture and design be an arena for politics – and poetics – of identity?


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Barking Town Square

muf is a London-based collaborative practice of art and architecture. Since 1996, muf has established a reputation for pioneering and innovative projects that address the social, spatial, and economic infrastructures of the public realm.


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